You Can't Be Serious?!?    Oh Yes.  We Are.




This is what the true Champions carry to the ring...

do you want to become a true Champion...? 


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The winner of the Ultimate Tournament at the end of December will be awarded a Real Championship gold belt!

We awarded the 2008 Belt, congratulations go to the 2009 Belt winner 'Diamond' Dave Demon!

This is NOT a replica belt, or a cheap rip off. This is a Real Championship belt worthy of the pros. Features include; a real, hand tooled leather belt, all bolts on the back covered with soft leather, 4mm thick real championship metal, details and original BLOOD'N'GUTZ art work etched deep into the plates. Still don't believe it? Check this link...



We at BLOOD'N'GUTZ are proud to announce that Dave Millican was producing our belt. Dave Millican has made championship gold for such companies as WWF, WWE, WCW, NWA, NWA-TNA, UFC, AWA, UWF and WCCW.

More Pictures at his site below.


Dave Millican


In addition to the belt, Our Grand Prize winner will have their very own Feature Page on the website.  We will email him/her an information package that they can return to us with all of their data as well as pictures with the belt.